From small-batch to cone, every ice cream scoop is the result of a hard working, happy staff, and of course, the finest ingredients we can source.

Sunset Sweets

Humble Beginnings: Owners Dennis and Tuyen ("Twin") opened Sunset Sweets at Tower Park Marina in 2009.

The Sweetest Place in Lodi

We only serve Gunther's Famous Gourmet Ice Cream. Gunther's has been making ice cream at the same Sacramento neighborhood for over 76 years. Gunther's Ice Cream uses a slow, small batch, hand-controlled batch freezer method to process the ice cream. This method is similar to the hand cranked ice cream machines used in the early 1900's. In the production of making the ice cream a 16% butterfat cream is used which is considerably higher than commercial brands who use 10-12% butterfat cream. The higher butterfat and the combination of slower processing produces a richer, creamier ice cream. Ingredients added to the ice cream are the finest ingredients available.

Our milk shakes are the thickest around... and of course made with Gunther's real ice cream.

Our fruit smoothies are made with natural fruit juice, yogurt and vanilla ice cream.

We make original Hawaiian style shave Ice in 12 flavors. Great on a hot day!

Also, try our fresh, homemade brownies made in many delicious flavors. Absolutely irresistible!

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